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Kartavya Debate Details

Kartavya debates

The Structure

Mumbai is divided into 4 zones. Each zone will have approximately 10 teams.

Step 1: Your college will need to do an internal debate competition consisting of teams of 3 members in each team. Moderators from Kartavya and our organising team shall be present for the intra-college competition round.

Step 2: Your college team will have to come for the Zonal rounds, with a college from the same zone. The zonal rounds shall continue until we get a single winner from each zone.

Step 3: The Finals consisting of top team of each zone will take place on Saturday, the 6th August at the Convocation Hall, University of Mumbai, Fort. The final round of debate will be moderated by Celebrities, Socio-Political Activists and eminent thinkers. This will be shown live to the entire country via webcast / live streaming / TV channels.

Kartavya debates

Winner procedure

Procedure for deciding the winner for Kartavya Debate Competition


The topic in consideration will be told to the audience which will vote in any of the 2 options-
(a) For
(b) Against

The Debate shall then take place according to the following time-line.

Sr. No. Session Time (mins.)/Team Total Time (mins.)
1. Introduction: Moderator - 05
2. Introduction: Team 07 14
3. Rebut Session 1: Team 05 10
4. Rebut Session 2: Team 05 10
5. Closing argument: Team 04 08
6. Question and Answer - 10
7. Closing argument: Moderator - 03
Total Time 60


Once the Debate Session is over, we shall take the voting of the audience once again for the 3 options as previously.

Rules for deciding winner -

1. The Team which can influence the maximum swing* in the votes will be declared.
2. A minimum swing of 10% of the total votes is required.
3. In case of minimum swing not being achieved, the moderators and Debate Admin panel shall jointly decide the winners.
4. The winner shall not be declared on the basis of total number of votes in their favor; but only on the swing of votes as mentioned in rule nos. 01, 02 & 03.
5. In case of imbalance in the total number of votes in Pre-Debate & Post-Debate voting session, an equal number of votes shall be discarded from the higher side of session voting, from each of the 3 options.
6. Final decision rests on the moderator for the Debate competition.

IAC Pressnote on Kartavya